May 8, 2018
Freddie: I am blind, I can’t see at all. For the past 6 years I’ve been losing my eyesight, but since 2012, the last operation, instead of helping it, it took it away completely. Text: A blind constituent was having a difficult time making an appointment to visit his relative in jail, so he called...
May 7, 2018
State Senator Joel Anderson presented Senate resolutions to the two nurses that serve the Capitol community, Jennifer Hatfield and Christine Varner, on Monday, May 7 during floor session. In celebration of the National Nurses Week (May 6 – May 12), Anderson authored Senate resolutions for Hatfield...
April 30, 2018
April 30, 2018
April 19, 2018
SB 1169: Wildfire Incident Penalty and Fine Fund Summary This bill will help local communities devastated by wildfires prepare for future fires by providing them with crucial wildfire protection and prevention funds. The bill will direct a portion of fines paid by utilities deemed responsible for...
April 17, 2018
California can and must do better by those our system of justice has wronged. Imprisoning an innocent person is an affront to the very concept of a fair system of justice for the accused, the victims, and both their families. When it occurs, the least the state can do is restore that individual as quickly and completely as possible to the life taken from them.
April 9, 2018
Bill: My family operated a business in Ramona for 40 years, and my dad and mom started that business from scratch in 1968. We had an issue that came up where we applied for a refund to state Water Resources Control Board in 2010. Under the Barry Keene Act of 1989, we are allowed to legally recover...