Senator Anderson at the SB 54 Press Conference on 3/6/17

Monday, March 6, 2017

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SB 54 does not draw the distinction between those who come to our country to improve their station in life and those who come to our country to prey on others.

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By shielding rapists, child molesters who are serving time in our jails, it only guarantees that they’re returned to our communities to prey on us again.

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There’s no state law that will prohibit the federal government from keeping its federal tax. You cannot stop ICE from picking people up who are here illegally. So this notion that we can write a law and stop them, that’s simply not true.

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We have over 11,600 serving in our prison system. If you deny that people are here illegally committing felonies and you deny the fact that we have 11,600 in our prisons right now, then you are a crime denier.

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We need to allow ICE access to these prisons and to local jails so that they can deport the most dangerous criminals. We are talking about rapists and child molesters.