Senator Anderson Helps Constituent Recover $192,000

Constituents have 3 weeks left in Anderson’s term to request help claiming funds.
Wednesday, October 31, 2018

*names have been changed to protect the constituent’s privacy

One of my priorities while serving in the legislature has been to inform people about unclaimed property they may have in the State Controller’s database and help them go through the process of claiming it.

There is over $9.3 billion belonging to 32.5 million individuals and organizations throughout the state waiting to be claimed.

I wanted to share a recent story of how my Constituent Affairs Specialist helped a significant amount of that unclaimed property find its way back to its rightful owner – to the tune of $192,000 and counting.

My Constituent Affairs Specialist Lori has been handling constituent casework in my office since 2009, and my office walls are covered in thank you notes I have received from grateful folks who Lori has helped.

Picture of thank you notes on Senator Anderson’s El Cajon District Office wall

Lori is a blessing to our community and has an amazing heart to serve. In addition to her regular day to day casework assisting constituents with issues ranging from the DMV, Franchise Tax Board, Department of Insurance,  and any state agency you can imagine, she has helped hundreds of constituents claim their property with the State Controller, totaling over $1 million.

Through her work helping to reunite people with their unclaimed property, she found one Californian with over a quarter million dollars sitting in the Controller’s database. She came across this individual’s (we’ll call her Jane) entries into the Controller’s database several times throughout the years, and finally decided to try to track her down so she could collect her money.

In her searching, she found a phone number that appeared to be connected to Jane so Lori called and explained who she was and why she was calling. The woman on the line introduced herself as Emily and informed Lori that Jane was her late mother.

When Lori started listing some of the amounts ($130,000, $10,500, $33,750) that were sitting unclaimed in her mother’s name, Emily was overcome with emotion. She shared “My husband and I are small farmers. Our home hasn’t had running water or heat for several years because the pipes broke and we haven’t had the money to replace them. I had prayed to god for help because I didn’t know how we were going to get through. The next day I get this call from Lori in Senator Anderson’s office telling me I have hundreds of thousands of dollars coming to me. It was a miracle.”

Emily recently shared with us a picture of the first of what is likely to be more checks coming to her from the State Controller, after she’s submitted the paperwork.

Unclaimed Property Check (002)
Emily’s first check from the State Controller

Sometimes the amount is small, like the $32 Lori recovered for a constituent in San Marcos who said, “Especially for seniors with only social security and savings, every little bit helps.”

Anytime we can reunite someone with their money, no matter the amount, it’s a wonderful feeling for everyone. You can visit the State Controller’s website at where you can search the Unclaimed Property database to confirm if the state is holding any property in your name and contact my office at 619 596 3136, we’d love to help you claim it!