Senator Anderson and Local Elected Officials Unite in East LA to Speak Against Senate Bill 54

The sanctuary state bill will put innocent citizens and Dreamers at risk and forfeit public safety funding from federal government
Wednesday, March 29, 2017

WEST COVINA – At today’s press conference held outside of the West Covina City Hall, Senator Joel Anderson and LA area elected officials discussed how SB 54  negatively impacts public safety in their districts.

Senator Joel Anderson (District 38), Vice Chair of Public Safety Committee

“If SB 54 becomes law, California will lose over $100 million in federal funding that helps to pay for local police to protect our neighborhoods, and will force ICE to perform regular community sweeps to find convicted child molesters and rapists who are eligible for deportation.

City of Walnut Mayor Eric Ching

“As a public servant, our first responsibility is to protect public safety. If a lawmaker is irresponsible and puts forward policies that protect dangerous undocumented criminals whose actions have hurt and killed members of our community, we put our entire community in danger. That is not serving. We have a moral responsibility to protect our communities, not the criminals.”

City of West Covina Mayor Pro Tem Mike Spence

“SB 54 endangers public safety by limiting local law enforcements ability to work to deport violent felons from our community. SB 54 makes it harder to target sex traffickers and work with multi agency investigations.”