SB 18 Update from Senator Anderson #2

July 7, 2017

If you missed my first video in this series, please start here first.

Sample Letter to the Editor:

SB 18 and SCR 41 are being considered by the state legislature, to create a “children’s bill of rights” that would define state standards for parenting including but not limited to; medical care, nutrition, and education requirements.

This comes from the same author, Senator Pan, who brought us SB 277 that removed personal choice exemptions from vaccines for children attending public school.

I fear the erosion of our parental rights to raise our children according to our own individual values without fear of state involvement and possible removal of our children.

SB 18 sets up a system where state agencies will have the ability to set standards by which parents will be judged. Parents who make any choices outside of the mainstream like going vegan or home schooling could find themselves defending their choices in front of a judge. 

It’s my child, it’s my choice. Government does not belong in the middle.