SB 18 Update from Senator Anderson #1

June 29, 2017

Every state senator represents roughly 1 million people

  • If just 10% of their constituents sent them a letter, that’s 100,000 letters

When contacting your legislator, you want to:

  • Be polite
  • Be concise
  • Personalize the note you send them
  • Take into consideration what your legislator cares about, and find the ways you connect with them

Best practices for social media

  • The goal is to influence and encourage your legislator
  • Always be polite
  • Never bully
    • Don’t give them an excuse to ban you from their social media for bullying or spamming
  • Don’t put a cap on your effort to outreach
  • Frame your message to show why it is in the best interest of their constituents to vote against this bill