Ramona Town Radio Chosen as "Small Business of the Year" for Anderson's Senate District 38

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

RAMONA — Every year, state legislators are given the opportunity to select and honor a small business from their district. This year, Ramona Town Radio was chosen to receive the prestigious award, and the station’s owner will fly to Sacramento to be honored at the Small Business Day celebration in the Capitol on Tuesday, Jun. 19.

Ramona Town Radio, owned by Eric Vellone, was nominated by the Ramona Chamber of Commerce because it “donates uncountable hours to our Ramona community. RTR donates DJ time and music for events, free radio air time to promote events and is the first to offer to lend equipment as needed.”

Anderson expressed his gratitude for the small business and stated, “Ramona is fortunate to have many small businesses that care about the community, and I have been impressed with what Eric has achieved with Ramona Town Radio. His station has helped Ramona neighbors more easily connect with each other and invest in their community.”