#MakingGovtWork4U - Zane, Christy, and Nancy

May 11, 2018

The San Diego Arthritis Foundation invited Senator Anderson to serve as their Santa at their 2014 Jingle Bell run, where he met a young boy and his mother who needed help navigating the state bureaucracy.

Nancy: Most people don’t realize that there are 6,000 children in San Diego County with arthritis. They think it’s an old persons’ disease. It’s not. 430,000 San Diegans have this disease.

Zane: I have an autoimmune disease called Scleroderma, and we have tired a lot of medicines the doctor has, and none of them were really working. So we were trying to get our insurance company to get another medicine approved, and they just kept denying the approval of the medicine for me.

So we contacted the Senator’s office to see what they could do because we were out of options ‘cause the insurance company kept turning us down.

Christy: Somehow, going through the appeal process with the insurance company, somehow we ended up with the state, so I started receiving these letters from the state saying that it got passed to this agency and then this agency, but when I would call, nobody really knew what was going on.

Once we contacted this office, they inquired on Zane’s behalf.

It got us answers of why we got put on the wrong path, what path we should be on and then within a couple of months, Zane is able to be on the medicine that he is supposed to and everything was done.

I just kept meandering on this wrong path with no one telling me that we were on this wrong path until this office got involved.

Zane: I think that he takes time to deal with, him and his office staff take time to deal with each case individually. They make sure that they are going to help you and lead you on the right path whatever it is.