#MakingGovtWork4U - Richard

March 28, 2018

Sen. Anderson: I won’t let an unresponsive state agency stop your small business in its tracks – It’s my job to make Government work for you. Hear how I helped Richard solve his problem with the State Controller.

Richard: About a year and a half ago, I had a problem with the State Controller’s office. One of my jobs is to liquidate assets to pay creditors. And the State Controller had escheated funds in one of my bankruptcy cases and so it’s supposed to be 180 days.

Text: Richard waited a year and a half for the Controller’s office to process his claim. Out of frustration, he wrote letters to all of his representatives. After Senator Anderson read his letter, he contacted the Controller’s office on Richard’s behalf.

Richard: Two days after that, I was contacted by the State Controller’s office. And two weeks after that, I had the check, which enabled me to close my case and distribute the funds to the creditors who had been waiting for two years.

Richard: If they have a problem with the state government, call the Senator’s office and send them a letter. You will get results.