#MakingGovtWork4U -- Nicole

April 9, 2018

Sen. Anderson: Nicole is from Michigan, my home state. She was born with a genetic illness that needs constant medical attention. When she moved from Michigan to California, the battle to get the right insurance coverage was tougher than Nicole had thought.

Nicole: I had a low level insurance that could get me into the hospital but couldn’t really get me any medications, couldn’t get me anything to leave the hospital with. And I was stuck in the hospital for over 3 months when one of the nurses said to me that she heard if you reached out to people locally that in San Diego, people seem to get help pretty quickly. And so that’s when I said, “Alright, then!” and I put out a bunch of emails. The first --- and I really believe only person --- who responded was Senator Anderson’s office.

Sen. Anderson: I knew Nicole’s situation was urgent, so when she couldn’t be reached on her cell, we contacted the hospital and called her room.

Nicole: Which so that alone was mind-blowing. I don’t have friends. Who would do that to get in touch with me?

Sen. Anderson: Two days later, Nicole was able to leave the hospital with the insurance coverage and medication she needed.

Nicole: I was honestly dying. I went months without medicine that I’m supposed to take multiple times a day. I had surgeries piling up. I had no doctors that could see me because as much as they want to, they can’t break the law in order to help somebody. And the fact that somebody who is in charge of the law, somebody who does have that power was able to step in and intervene where necessary has changed my life, has changed my family’s life.