#MakingGovtWork4U - Molly 2

May 18, 2018

Molly: Well, I have to say that Senator Anderson reached out to me first because I was, again, very new at what I was doing, and we had a lot issues going on. The state budget was in crisis; we had been defunded by 4-5%, which is a lot for a small non-profit agency, and we were just struggling to keep our doors open.

Text: Senator Anderson introduced legislation so that non-profits like Noah Homes wouldn’t have to lay off employees or worse, close their doors completely because the deadbeat state couldn’t meet its obligations.

Molly: He reached out to us and talked to us about the IOU legislation that he wanted to put into place, that if we owed the state taxes that they would have to give us an IOU back for the money they hadn’t sent us. Which was an amazing thing because we did owe the state taxes and we said, “Why are we paying you when you won’t pay us?”

He’s stepped in as a champion for people with disabilities. He’s always supported any legislation or any budgetary issues that have come our direction. Without him, I think a lot of times our voice wouldn’t be heard, and people need to know who’s stepping up. And he’s always the first to sign onto a letter. He’s always the first to offer support. And it’s really nice to know that San Diego can have some voice in Sacramento. We are long ways away, but it is nice to know that we can have that kind of voice up there.