#MakingGovtWork4U - Molly

March 28, 2018

Text: Senator Anderson and his entire staff lend their support and assistance to the developmentally disabled at Noah Homes.

Molly: We take care of 70 amazing adults with developmental disabilities and provide them with homes that support them in a community and help them to make sure that they live important and fulfilling lives. And that kind of population has a difficult time sometimes expressing what their needs are. Certainly, they don’t know how to navigate finding help for those types of things, so that’s what we’re there for.

I had a brother who was Down syndrome, lived at Noah for 14 years. He was the first one who walked through dealing with Alzheimer’s, and we recognized there’s a population of people who nobody expected to live this long nor were they supposed to get Alzheimer’s.

So in talking to Joel about what we were dealing with I said, “I’ve gotta build two more homes. I’ve gotta do something here.”

He has been a huge champion. He’s been a huge help in just getting me to the right people to understand legislatively and even just regulation wise what I need to do. It’s important to just have somebody open those doors. I’ve so appreciated being able to call him and ask him for advice.

Text: In November 2016, Noah Homes celebrated completing two memory care homes specially designed for adults with developmental disabilities who have Alzheimer’s. They are some of the very first homes of their kind in the entire nation.

Molly: I think a lot of people assume the Senator’s too busy to have a personal relationship. He is not. He’s very interested in getting to know people one-on-one, and he’s very interested just as a genuine guy to come interact and be social. I’m thrilled to know that he takes good care of us as one of his constituents, and it’s always nice for the residents to see him come and support what they’re doing so I couldn’t be happier.