#MakingGovtWork4U -- Mike Anderson

April 9, 2018

Text: Sometimes mistakes by bureaucracies can be devastating. When the DMV charged Mike late fees on a registration notice he never received, he called Senator Anderson for help.

Mike: I just felt that it was unfair because I hadn’t gotten the bill in time or the increase wasn’t conveyed to me.

Text: Mike called Senator Anderson’s office for help.

Mike: Next thing I know, somebody called me from the DMV, and he left me his private number. He sent me out the, I believe he took my credit card over the phone, and sent me out the registration, and he said if you have any issues, here is my private line. I just paid the fees, so any penalties or interests were waived.

Mike: I’ve actually recommended other people to call the office. I’ve told people that you guys like to do that, it’s like a success story.  It’s like a ball game to you, and you like to win. And if you can get a success, they enjoy doing that, so don’t even be afraid to do it.