#MakingGovtWork4U - Mark Berger

March 28, 2018

Sen. Anderson: When a local non-profit called me fearing that they were unable to make payroll if the state didn’t pay $200,000 they were owed, we took action and made government work for Partnerships With Industry.

Mark: PWI is a non-profit based in San Diego. Our mission is to bring together employers and people with disabilities in work settings. We’ve helped over 750 people get up each morning and go to work. The Department of Rehab, one of our funding sources, which has usually done a marvelous job on paying us, was more than four months behind in payments that were due to us for services we supply to their clients.

Text: What does this money mean to Mark and Partnerships With Industry?

Mark: These are folks that are looking for jobs. We provide that kind of information: testing, helping them figure out where they can work, how they can work, getting back in the workforce. And that money it critical to us. We have staff to pay, utilities to pay, and if we don’t have that, we’re really in trouble.

Text: Mark decided to ask Senator Anderson for help.

Mark: We came to the Senator’s office, and initially, I’d say within 24 hours we had a call back from the Department of Rehab in Sacramento saying, “Oh, gee, we’re really very sorry, we don’t know how this happened. We’ll get on this right away.” And in 10 days, we had our $200,000.

Mark: We haven’t had a problem ever since. I am certain that’s due because of the help of Senator Anderson and his staff, and I think people in the community ought to know that this kind of service is available.