#MakingGovtWork4U - John

March 28, 2018

John: I felt my conscience led me to contact people in prison. And in that process, I met a man who committed murder, convicted twice back in 1980s.

He was injured in a riot in 1998. His drug past had left his health in shreds. And so while in prison, he had many health problems, one especially, migraine headaches. He recently had a terrible tumor, and it was healed. But his particular problem, the reason we called the Senator, he had not been seen by an M.D. in some weeks even though he had severe symptoms. The system simply couldn’t help him at that point.

Sen. Anderson: I’m inspired every day by constituents like John who lend a helping hand to those who find themselves in difficult circumstances. When John contacted me for help on behalf of a prisoner he was advocating for, I was able to connect him with the proper staff at the Corrections department.

John:  The Senator’s was very responsive. I think I called on the 11th of April, and by the 14th of April, he was able to get help. I spoke with the man, and he said, “It’s a miracle!” And so I said, “Praise God.”

Every elected official are here to serve, and we the people need to be forthcoming. If we have an issue, we need to go there. And I think your office has done very well in that regard.