#MakingGovtWork4U - Joan

March 28, 2018

Joan: I have been the victim of stalking for over 20 years. Had been to trial over 7 times for the same problem, and it just kept coming back into my life and we were getting nowhere. And I mean this is a very dangerous man and posed a big threat to myself, my family, people around me. And he was due to be let out on probation, and I felt that that was gonna be detrimental to all of us. So that’s what brought me here.

I needed a voice. I needed somebody that could speak for me that would advocate for me, somebody that would help the system to realize that this man was dangerous and that letting him out of prison was not a good decision.

Sen. Anderson: Fortunately, Joan called me with her problem. We immediately reached out to the Department of Corrections, and finally, the justice system worked for Joan.

Joan: The California Department of Corrections took a look at the case and decided to not just let the man out but to actually do an evaluation on him, an NVO, and in the process of that we had really good, positive results. They’ve decided he needs to be put in a mental hospital, and taken care of, help. He is a sick individual.

I feel hopeful, I feel amazed, I did not realize that you could do that. I did not realize that you could contact your Senator and that people would readily help you and want to help you and do not hesitate. Call the, call the office of Senator Anderson. Talk to them. They are kind, caring people, and they are willing to help.