#MakingGovtWork4U - Jim Salvatore

March 28, 2018

Sen. Anderson: Do you think it’s fair for the state to hold you financially responsible to clean up a water spill caused by your neighbor? Watch how I was able to help Jim resolve this issue and change state law so no other Californian has to go through what he did.

Jim: I had the border patrol up the street from my building had a big leak. Their problem was coming down onto my property. The law at that time stated that any product on your property, no matter where it comes from, you’re responsible for it. I said, “How the heck can I stop that?”

Text: The State Water Board was taking an enforcement action against him, so Jim decided to call Senator Anderson for help.

Jim: Anderson’s office really helped by continually calling, continually contacting me and them.

Text: With Senator Anderson’s help, Jim was able to change the law and recoup most of his losses.

Jim: I got the law changed for the whole state of California, so if a product from someplace else comes onto your property, it is not your fault. They go after the person who create the problem.