#MakingGovtWork4U - Gloria

May 17, 2018

Text: Senator Anderson solves a tax problem.

Gloria Harpenau: My husband and I had formed an LLC out of the state of California in September of 2013. And when I sent all my documents off to my CPA, they informed me that I owed the state of California $800 for the honor of having an LLC. So, I sent it off like in March, and then when I got my tax return, they also said, they also told me I’d have to pay another $800 that would be for 2014. So I sent that off in a timely fashion.

Then in July, I get, that late July, I get a letter from the Franchise Tax Board that says I owe them $800 plus fees and penalties and it amounted to $882 and that was for 2013’s Franchise Tax or this LLC tax.

I contacted a person up there and I tried to explain to them that I had paid it. And they said, “Oh, but the document that came with it said it was for 2014.”

I said, “So? Why can’t it be used for that?”

“No, it was earmarked for 2014 with that document, the same with the second payment.”

And I said, “You can’t refund it?”

And he says, “No, you have to wait until you file the 2014 tax return, then if you don’t owe any additional funds at that time, then we can refund it.”

Of course the situation is by the time you would have done your tax return for 2014, you would have owed another $800 for 2015.

Text: Gloria contacted Senator Anderson and provided requested documentation to his office.

Gloria: And within like two days, I had a phone call from Michael in the advocacy’s office saying that the documents supported what my claim was and that the Franchise Tax Board would be refunding me my $882.

I see the Senator — My husband and I go to breakfast on Saturday and Sunday — I see him at different restaurants in El Cajon. He’s always there, he never tries to hide, he’s just like one of the other people and he’s very approachable and we really appreciate it.

Text: What would Gloria say to people who might feel intimidated to come into the Senator’s office?

Gloria: You know I think a lot of times people think that politicians have a barrier between them, there’s always gate keepers. In this case, I’m sorry, there are no gate keepers. You can go directly to this office and you can get help. So they’re your people. You are all very much out there for us, and I greatly appreciate that, too.