#MakingGovtWork4U - Freddie and Barbara

May 8, 2018

Freddie: I am blind, I can’t see at all. For the past 6 years I’ve been losing my eyesight, but since 2012, the last operation, instead of helping it, it took it away completely.

Text: A blind constituent was having a difficult time making an appointment to visit his relative in jail, so he called Senator Anderson.

Freddie: When the deputy came and took me on campus, the staff took me over to the reception room and they then said they didn’t have enough staff to accommodate my disability. So they had me sitting there for three hours waiting for my ride to come back and pick me up.

Text: Freddie called Senator Anderson to explain what happened.

Freddie: So the Warden called and his assistant and they all apologized to me and said that their staff know not to treat family members as criminals, since they’re so jaded from working with criminals, so he assured me it won’t happen again. Because of the Senator’s help, I was able to get another visit, which is tomorrow. When I called to confirm, the reception woman said, “Oh, I see the Warden and his assistant booked your visit, so I will make sure that they know you’re blind and you’re accommodated.”

Barbara: We need people like that in places, he doesn’t care about race, gender, or what, he’s just there to help. You can tell he enjoys that because he does it so well.