#MakingGovtWork4U - Dottie

March 28, 2018

Text: Senator Anderson quickly solves years-long tax problem.

Dottie: In 1997, I formed an LLC, and I was making and doing a documentary. When it was completed, then I didn’t need the LLC anymore, so I closed it out.

And about 10 years later, I started getting in the mail from the Franchise Tax Board asking for back taxes and fees and fines because it hasn’t been paid, and I’m going, What happened here?” because I knew it had been taken care of a long time ago.

Text: Dottie contacted her accountant, and the accountant sent the necessary documentation.

Dottie: Following year, I still got another letter. Called him again and he said, “Okay, I’ll try again.” Following year, this went on for 3 years. Finally he called and he said, “Dotty,” he said, “I’m afraid that you’re gonna have to call your tax attorney…”

Text: Dottie contacted her attorney, and the attorney sent 3 letters with the papers that Dottie was required to provide but received no response.

Dottie: And the following year, got the same thing again.

Text: Dottie’s attorney recommended she contact Senator Anderson.

Dottie: He said, “I’m sure that he can help you.” I said, “Really? Because I had no idea that he could do that.”

Text: Dottie’s husband visited Senator Anderson’s office and received help with contacting the State Franchise Tax Board.

Dottie: But I wasn’t getting too excited because I had thought it had been taken care of like 4 years earlier. And so finally, I kept waiting and waiting to see if I was gonna get another letter. Never did.

We’re very grateful to him, And I recommend anyone that has any problems to be sure to contact Joel Anderson’s office, and they will really help you out.

They saved me a lot of money, a lot of fines, and a lot of back taxes that I did not owe for a 10-, 12-, 14-year period. And it was a large amount of money; it was not a small amount of money. But I knew I didn’t owe it. I knew I had done everything correctly that was required of me by law to do as far as my taxes were concerned with the LLC.

But I would just really recommend if you just have any problem, a large amount of money due or a small amount, you just come to this office first. And check it out because they will probably save you a lot of money in the long run.