#MakingGovtWork4U - Daniel Leward Smith

May 15, 2018

Daniel: I was a pretty good independent East County business person my whole life. I was on the Alpine Cemetery Board director, I was the director of the Alpine Fire District, I was Alpine Planning Group member, I had my own non-profit organization called “Alpine Cares,” and we used to take senior citizens on trips once a month at least and out to dinner.

My whole life changed when my wife died, when she got sick. We spent 8 or 9 years fighting her cancer and lost.

You know, when you’re kind of at the bottom of your self-esteem pit, and that’s where I was, I was at the top of that peak for so long and now all of the sudden I just slid down to the bottom, and I really did.

Text: Daniel called Senator Anderson to seek help with various issues he was dealing with.

Daniel: These other agencies started calling, and they said that Senator Joel Anderson’s office called, and “What can we do for you?” It opened up doors of many people coming to my rescue. It probably saved my life and it truly did.

Text: Senator Anderson connected Daniel to the resources at CalVet (Department of Veterans Affairs).

Daniel: Without the Senator’s office, I would just be another homeless person out on the street. He’s appreciated, he’s appreciated.