#MakingGovtWork4U - Colleen

March 28, 2018

Senator Anderson: I personally know the anguish of being injured an unable to work and provide for my family; it was an incredibly frustrating time. So, I’m so glad that my constituent Colleen called me when she needed help navigating the state’s disability system after her injury so she and her family could stay afloat during a very tough time.

Colleen:  September of 2012, I was injured, I was a nurse at San Diego Hospice and I was injured badly at work. I was out on short-term disability, and in December, two months later, I received a notice that San Diego hospice went insolvent, and I no longer had a job.

Text: She was instructed to apply for long-term disability through the State of California, but ended up being denied.

Text: Colleen asked for reassessment, but received multiple disqualification letters.

Colleen: Finally, by the fourth time, I was so frustrated, I was in tears, and I was seeing a thought that I was going to have to pull my kids out of college because we’d lost half of our income, and I wasn’t sure what I was gonna do.

Text: Colleen decided to call Senator Anderson who immediately requested that the Employment Development Department call Colleen to explain the status of her claim.

Colleen: At that point, I said, “uh-huh” because — Let’s face it — I had gone through a month, more than a month of just hitting a wall. It wasn’t even 24 hours. It was 12 hours, and I had a call.

Text: Colleen was notified that the department had made an error in its previous judgement and she received the benefits for which she was eligible.

Colleen: I can’t thank the Senator enough because if it wasn’t for he and his office, I don’t know what would’ve happened.