#MakingGovtWork4U -- Bill

May 16, 2018

Bill: My family operated a business in Ramona for 40 years, and my dad and mom started that business from scratch in 1968. We had an issue that came up where we applied for a refund to state Water Resources Control Board in 2010. Under the Barry Keene Act of 1989, we are allowed to legally recover funds for that claim. At this point in time, we were three years into the process, and it wasn’t getting resolved.

Text: “3 years into the process and it was not getting resolved.”

Bill: I knew that Senator Anderson had helped other constituents in the district, so that’s when I called the office.

Text: Senator Anderson put in a call to the Water Resources Control Board, and Bill received a response from the agency a day later.

Bill: We did receive a check for a little over $14,00 for that refund. It was just an awesome experience because a lot of times in life, we have expectations that don’t get met. Well, in this regard, it far exceeded my expectation as far as the help we were going to receive.