Legislative Achievements

Dear friends,

As your State Senator, my job is to make state government work for you. My team and I go to work every day with the goal of creating a path to prosperity for every Californian. I am pleased to share with you a short list of some of our noteworthy legislative accomplishments throughout my time in office. It’s an honor to have authored and co-authored them with my fellow Senators and Assembly Members from both sides of the aisle.

I appreciate the opportunity you have given me to represent you in this community and in Sacramento. It’s an honor to serve you.


Joel Anderson
Senator, District 38

Major Legislative Achievements 2007 – 2018 (PDF Version)

Over the course of his service in the Legislature, Senator Anderson authored and co-authored 434 bills that have been signed into law. Some of these major accomplishments include:

Keeping The Public Safe

AB 221 – California Divestment from Iran
Senator Anderson authored this bill to require California’s public pension systems to divest from companies that violated federal law by doing business in the Islamic Republic of Iran. The pension systems had $24 billion invested in these companies.

AB 2466 – Restitution for Victims of Human Trafficking
Senator Anderson co-authored this bill to create procedures for the seizure and preservation of assets of a defendant in a human trafficking prosecution case so those assets are available to pay restitution to the victim once the defendant is convicted.

SB 1058 – Allow Evidence to Clear the Wrongfully Convicted
Senator Anderson co-authored this bill to protect public safety and uphold the integrity of our justice system by preventing incarceration of innocent individuals. The bill allows the court to consider later scientific research that contradicts original testimony. California should never incarcerate someone that scientific research demonstrates is innocent of the crime. This law helps prevent miscarriages of justice.

SB 1371 – Victim Restitution Protection
Senator Anderson authored this bill to ensure that a convicted defendant may not serve jail time in lieu of paying restitution to a victim of crime.

AB 835 – Extend Statute of Limitations for Vehicular Manslaughter
Senator Anderson co-authored this bill to better ensure justice for victims by allowing for a longer statute of limitations when a person flees the scene of an accident where vehicular manslaughter has occurred.

Ensuring Every Californian Has A Path To Prosperity

AB 1506 – Lawsuit Abuse Reform
Senator Anderson co-authored this bill to protect career opportunities for Californians by eliminating a “job-killing” provision of the Private Attorneys General Act of 2004, which invited lawsuits for minor technical violations. ab 1506 gives employers the right to cure any such violation within a reasonable period of time.

AB 226 – Fisherman’s Markets
Senator Anderson co-authored this bill that protects jobs and helps San Diego’s regional economy by establishing “fishermen’s markets” as a new category of food facility that sells only raw or fresh-frozen fish or raw edible aquatic plants, caught or harvested by California-licensed fishermen or California-registered aquaculturists.

SB 850 – Community College Baccalaureate Degree Pilot Program
Senator Anderson co-authored this bill to expand career opportunities for Californians by initiating a pilot project allowing community colleges to offer Bachelor Degree programs.

Honoring Those Who Served

AB 13 – In-State Tuition for Veterans
Senator Anderson co-authored this bill to ensure that veterans attending California public universities and colleges receive their GI Bill benefits by granting them in-state tuition.

SB 156 – Citizenship Assistance for Veterans
Anderson authored this bill to protect the rights and benefits of veterans by requiring the California Department of Veterans Affairs and the California National Guard to assist veterans and current members of the Guard in completing the necessary forms and paperwork to apply for citizenship, as is their right in exchange for their service.

AB 257 – Free Park Passes for Disabled Veterans
Senator Anderson authored this bill to grant free state park passes to disabled veterans and recipients of the Congressional Medal of Honor.

AB 388 – Combating Veteran Homelessness
Senator Anderson co-authored this bill to ensure success for veterans in supportive or transitional housing by requiring the Department of Housing and Community Development to report annually on the effectiveness of the Veterans Housing and Homeless Prevention Program.


SB 178 – CA Electronic Communications Privacy Act
Senator Anderson joint-authored this bill that protects Californians against warrant-less government access to mobile devices, sensitive emails, text messages, digital documents, metadata, and location information.

SB 828 – The Fourth Amendment Protection Act
Senator Anderson joint-authored this bill to use the Tenth Amendment to enforce the Fourth Amendment, and protect the privacy of law-abiding Californians by prohibiting the state from providing electronically-stored information or metadata to the Federal government without due process.

SB 545 – Confidential Name Change for Victims of Domestic Violence
Senator Anderson authored this bill to safeguard children by shielding them from abusers. Previous law required that a non-custodial parent be notified when the custodial parent requests a name change for their child. This notification in certain circumstances can endanger the custodial parent and the child. sb 545 authorized the court to waive the publication and notice requirements for a name change proceeding in an effort to protect a family’s safety.

SB 340 – Identity Theft Protection
Senator Anderson authored this bill to protect Californians’ privacy by allowing courts to waive the requirement of mailing out confidential and personal financial information when it is clear the intended recipient is no longer at their last known address.

SB 741 – Mobile Communications Privacy
Senator Anderson co-authored this bill to protect individual privacy rights by establishing requirements that local agencies must fulfill before acquiring cellular communications interception technology.

Legislative Accomplishments by Year: