Email the Senator

My staff and I welcome every opportunity to speak with you about your opinions and ideas and assist you with state issues.

It’s my goal to make government work for you. Productive communication between Californians and their elected officials is critical to effective democracy.

State Senate offices are governed by civil and criminal state and federal laws, and Senate Rules and Standards of Conduct. Please be advised that:

  • The use of state resources for campaign purposes is prohibited, which includes responding to inquiries about campaign matters.
  • Discussion of legislative matters in connection with campaign contributions can also be perceived as an element of the crime of bribery. Because the notion of bribery is an affront to the integrity of our open democratic institutions, I feel there is no gray area in this matter, so my policy is to prohibit communication between my office and anyone who contacts my office and brings the topic of campaign contributions into a conversation on legislative matters.

Additionally, it is our policy not to respond to:

  • Violent, obscene, threatening, or profane comments
  • Advertisements, solicitations, or commercial activity of any kind
  • Comments that suggest or encourage illegal activity

Thank you for taking the time to read this communication policy, it’s an honor to serve you.