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Author: By Matt Celustka
Thursday, December 1, 2016

A lively atmosphere, contagious laughs, and genuine fun— these are all appropriate words to describe a local workshop conducted by the Old Globe as part of their Globe for All initiative. The Globe for All program is one that delivers live theatrical plays to local communities free of charge in order to provide everyone the opportunity to enjoy the theatre. In partnership with the Chaldean and Middle Eastern Social Services (CMSS), the Old Globe conducted a workshop teaching El Cajon community members about what to expect from an upcoming performance of Measure for Measure, a Shakespeare production.

It was this partnership between the CMSS and the Old Globe to foster a fun and educational event for the community that caught the attention of State Senator Joel Anderson. They were awarded Senate Certificates of Recognition for their innovative partnership to make theater accessible to all. “This is a fantastic and uplifting event for us, and I hope they continue to bring their enriching talents to East County.” commented Anderson.

Teaching artist and representative from the Old Globe Theatre, Blake McCarty discussed Shakespeare and the overall importance of language and poetry, and the attendees were drawn into the beauty of the performing arts. Hands-on activities included reading a passage of Shakespeare and insulting one another with Shakespearian insults, an activity that was met with resounding laughter. There was a sense that something extraordinary was happening as a yearning to know more about Shakespeare and the theatre was met with enthusiasm, and kinship grew among theater professionals and newcomers alike.

One in attendance was Besma Coda, Social Services manager at the CMSS, who stated the importance of partnering with the Old Globe when she said, “The least we can do is put a smile on [CMSS clients] face. Our people, they come from trauma, from war, they lost the smile on their face.”

For Coda, the Globe for All initiative provides a unique opportunity for those within their community to forget their hardships, to laugh and bond together through a common interest, the theatre. According to Coda, “This is what we want, to make them feel you’re part of this community.”

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