At Anderson's Urging, Governor Vetoes Bill to Create Government Definition of "Fake News"

Citing free speech concerns, Senator Anderson requested Brown to veto SB 1424 which would have created a government advisory group to create recommendations on stopping the spread of “false information” on social media
Friday, October 5, 2018

Governor Brown vetoed Senate Bill 1424 on Thursday which would have required the Attorney General establish an advisory group whose purpose would have been to create a plan to deal with false information on social media.

Anderson sent a veto request letter to Brown on Friday, Sept. 14 and asserted that the government that tries to determine false information only shuts down people whose opinions do not fit the government’s agenda:

“…During the hearing of the Judiciary Committee on SB 1424, it became evident to all that this measure was inspired by the political derangement toward Washington, that "“Fake news spreads ‘farther, faster, deeper’ than truth…and we must protect ourselves and our democracy.”

“The measure was designed to suppress so-called false information, anything that doesn’t fit with the new progressive point of view, and to use the civil litigation system to do it. Unable to move it in that form, the bill now requires the Attorney General to establish an advisory group to draft a model strategic plan for internet-based social media platforms dealing with "false information".  The government designing a “How to combat fake news” primer for private social media platforms…what could go wrong? It only avoids the moniker “censorship” because instead of the government enforcing its provisions, consumer attorneys will be allowed to do so…”