Anderson on SJR 3's Proposal to Urge other States to Remove the Electoral College

March 27, 2017

Transcript: Senators, I get it. I was at a recent ALEC meeting and the laser focus was that no Republican could possibly win the presidential and that we needed to move to a national popular vote because after all Republicans will never win the Rust Belt. Well, that’s what they were saying after Obama got elected and now that Trump’s gotten elected, you’re saying it. I think it’s amazing if you think that the national popular vote guarantees your success then you should vote for it but the current system balances small states against big states. It takes into consideration that we have both a U.S. Senate and a Congress; a Congress based on population, a Senate based on States’ rights. This resolution departs from that balance and goes strictly with majority rule. Certainly, I get it, every time any party loses a presidential they’re always looking for magic pixie dust and this year, this is the magic pixie dust. I urge a NO vote but many of my colleagues may vote for it because many of my colleagues at ALEC were in big support of this because they didn’t think a Republican could ever win a presidential election again without this. Thank you.