Anderson Receives Legislator of the Year Award from the Crime Victims United of California

April 14, 2017

Listen, it’s such a pleasure and privilege to be here in front of you. You know, so often we hear in hearings, all these people come up and testify how we need to be concerned about the criminal, how we need to be concerned about making laws.

We need to do more to ensure that victims and families of crime are taken care of and that no additional families have to go through the pain that victims have gone through and their families, and that’s why is organization is just so important to me and why I always welcome when they come to my office to talk to me about bills and talk to me about where we need to go with the state moving forward, and I always appreciate their testimonies because so often it’s difficult to get up here and testify on important cases and to make sure that legislators see all aspects of public safety and how to protect in the future against those who had hurt others.

So I just wanted to say how proud and pleased I am to be here with you today, and I want to thank you all for braving the rain, but you braved so much more to get up here to be here to make sure every voice is heard in the capitol.