Anderson Makes 2nd Request for Campus Public Safety Hearing

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

STATE CAPITOL – Senator Anderson made a second request to Senate President Pro Tempore Kevin de Leon to convene an informational hearing to review California’s public universities’ law enforcement policies and practices after threats of violence lead to the cancellation of another educational opportunity for UC Berkeley students.

“As Legislators, we cannot blindly accept a default policy of cancelling events of speakers whose views may be unpopular. That is why this hearing is so important. We must have a clear understanding of the policies and practices in place, and identify what resources are still needed, in order to protect students and their access to diverse learning opportunities.”

During a floor speech in February, Anderson first requested an informational hearing of the Senate Public Safety committee to ensure safe and free access to diverse viewpoints for all California students. His initial request has been co-signed by over 1,600 Californians.