2016 Legislative Achievements

It’s my job to make state government work for you. Thank you for allowing me the privilege to serve you. I am proud of my team and their hard work on your behalf. Below is a list of our successful legislation in 2016.  A number of these bills were proposed by you, my constituents. All of our bills were co-authored with my fellow Senators and Assembly Members from both sides of the aisle. Once again, together we were successful and with your continued input and support, I am honored and eager to again serve our community in 2017.”

-- Senator Joel Anderson

2016 Legislative Achievements

Defending Constitutional Rights

SB 514 authored by Senator Joel Anderson protects the privacy of personal and health information by requiring the CA Health Benefit Exchange to obtain written permission before sharing a citizen’s personal information.

SB 443 authored by Senators Mitchell and Anderson defends all Californians’ constitutional rights to due process by preventing law enforcement from permanently seizing a citizen’s property valued under $40,000 without convicting them of a crime.

SB 823 authored by Senators Block and Anderson empowers victims of human trafficking to start a new life by creating a pathway to erase any nonviolent arrests and convictions, committed while they were victimized , from their records. 

SB 1134 authored by Senators Leno and Anderson protects the innocent and promotes justice by providing a path for the wrongly convicted to have new evidence presented if it’s likely that the evidence would have changed the outcome of their trial.

AB 1494 authored by Assemblyman Levine and Senator Anderson defends every voter’s first amendment right to free speech by allowing them to voluntarily disclose how they voted through social media.

Transparency in Government

AB 2257 authored by Assemblyman Maienschein and Senator Anderson enhances transparency in local government by requiring posting the agenda online for any meeting of a legislative body established by the state that has website.

AB 1666 authored by Assemblyman Brough and Senator Anderson increases transparency and accountability by requiring a local agency with jurisdiction over a Mello-Roos District to post on its website copies of all state mandated reports.

SB 927 authored by Senator Anderson protects his constituents by preventing expensive litigation and providing clarity in the law regarding the Fallbrook Public Utility District’s election process.

Honoring Those Who Served

SB 1012 authored by Senators Nguyen and Anderson honors those who served and supports local jobs by requiring any Flag of the United States or the State of California purchased by the state or any local government agency be made in the United States.

Keeping the Public Safe

SB 759 authored by Senators Anderson and Hancock protects our communities by ensuring that inmates who will eventually be returned to our neighborhoods are empowered to live as rehabilitated members of civil society. The bill provides behavior credits for completion of self-improvement programs for individuals placed in segregated housing.

SB 438 authored by Senators Hill and Anderson protects Californians by establishing the development of the statewide earthquake early warning system.

SB 807 authored by Senators Gaines and Anderson protects our first responders in the line of duty by limiting civil liability of an emergency responder for damage to an unmanned aircraft interfering with the provision of emergency services.

SB 1046 authored by Senators Hill and Anderson protects California drivers and our children from drunk drivers by authorizing a statewide program requiring an individual whose license has been suspended for DUI to install an ignition interlock device in order to regain driving privileges.

AB 797 authored by Assemblyman Steinorth and Senator Anderson prevents cruelty to animals by exempting a person from criminal liability for actions taken reasonably and in good faith to remove an animal from a vehicle under the threat of imminent harm or death.

AB 1276 authored by Assemblyman Santiago and Senator Anderson protects underage youth from even more abuse from their former captors by authorizing a minor 15 or younger to testify out of the presence of the judge, jury, defendant or defendants, and attorneys if the testimony will involve the recitation of the facts of an alleged offense of human trafficking.

AB 1660 authored by Assemblyman Cooper and Senator Anderson will, after 100 years of successful administration, make the California Interscholastic Federation (CIF) responsible for administering interscholastic athletics in high schools permanently.

AB 1744 authored by Assemblyman Cooper and Senator Anderson returns confidence to victims of sexual assault by requiring the development of a standardized sexual assault forensic medical evidence kit to be used by all California jurisdictions to minimize confusion and the potential for error.

AB 1299 authored by Assemblyman Ridley-Thomas and Senator Anderson ensures that foster children and youth who are placed outside of their county of jurisdiction are able to access the mental health services they need in a timely manner.

AB 701 authored by Assemblywoman Garcia and Senator Anderson protects victims of sexual assault and promotes fairness in the law by declaring that all forms of nonconsensual sexual assault may be considered rape for the purpose of the gravity of the offense and the support of survivors.

AB 2888 authored by Assemblyman Low and Senator Anderson protects Californians by adding a number of sexual offenses (in particular those committed against an unconscious or intoxicated victim) to the list of offenses for which a court may not grant probation. The bill closes a loophole created by Realignment.

Economic Prosperity for Californians

SB 952 authored by Senator Anderson provides flexibility for students seeking professional certifications by expanding the pathways for a pharmacy technician applicant to qualify for licensure.

SB 1087 authored by Senator Anderson protects small businesses and saves tax dollars by streamlining legal proceedings related to the admissibility of business documents.

SB 820 authored by Senators Hertzberg and Anderson protects the environment and jobs by preserving a useful tool that provides a roadmap for innocent parties to clean up and revitalize contaminated properties without taking on unlimited liability.

SB 1137 authored by Senators Hertzberg and Anderson protects the integrity of public and private information systems and, in response to numerous extortion plots, creates a new crime for any person who introduces "ransomware” into a computer system with the intent of demanding payment or other consideration to remove it.

AB 626 authored by Assemblyman Chiu and Senator Anderson eases small businesses’ burden in doing business with government by creating a process that requires agencies to respond to a contractor’s claim, to pay out portions of the work they acknowledge and agree they owe the contractor, and to resolve disputed portions of payment through non-binding mediation.

AB 1557 authored by Assemblyman Mathis and Senator Anderson protects the missions of non-profits that serve our youth by authorizing a school district to allow the use of school facilities or grounds by a non-profit organization.

AB 1570 authored by Assemblywoman Chang and Senator Anderson protects consumers by shutting down an avenue of consumer fraud involving forged collectibles.

AB 2201 authored by Assemblyman Brough and Senator Anderson ensures fair treatment for taxpayers by reinstating provisions in the law that allow the State Board of Equalization to impose daily interest rather than monthly interest for taxpayers who are only one day late with their electronic tax payment.

Legislative honors bestowed on Senator Anderson: (Partial list)

Associated Builders and Contractors Legislator of the Year
California Small Business Association Legislator of the Year
American Veterans Legislator of the Year
American Legion Legislator of the Year
San Diego Deputy District Attorneys’ Association Legislator of the Year
San Diego County Apartment Association Legislator of the Year
California Association of Marriage and Family Therapists Legislator of the Year
Pacific Water Quality Association Legislator of the Year
Sportsmen’s and Animal Owners’ Voting Alliance Legislator of the Year
San Diego Psychiatric Society Legislator of the Year
California League of Off-Road Voters Legislator of the Year
California Rifle and Pistol Association Legislator of the Year
California Chiropractic Association Legislator of the Year
Veterans of Foreign Wars Legislator of the Year
California State Commanders Veterans Council Legislator of the Year

Anderson has received the following groups’ highest rating: (Partial list)

National Federation of Independent Business
Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association; California Taxpayers Association
California Chamber of Commerce
California Manufacturers & Technology Association

Senator Anderson has been recognized by the following groups for his legislative leadership: (Partial list)

San Diego Regional Chamber of Commerce
California Senior Legislature
Fallbrook Chamber of Commerce
Orange County Business Council Golden Acorn Award
Dog Owners of California; California Association of County Veterans Service Officers
Protector of Marriage Award
Capitol Resource Family Impact
Jewish Public Affairs Committee
NetChoice iAwesome List
Electronic Frontier Foundation Pioneer Award

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