2015 Legislation

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SB 2 – Protecting Veteran Halls
For generations, veteran halls in communities across our country have been an invaluable resource for active military and veterans.  This bill will preserve the important property tax exemptions by aligning state statute to reflect the unique nature of these Congressionally-chartered, non-profit veterans’ service organizations, allowing them to remain open to serve the many needs of our veteran population.

SB 120 – Sales tax exemption for first responder vehicles
Allows public agencies such as fire departments to deliver public safety services more effectively by limiting the sales tax on the purchase of first responder vehicles to first $300,000 of the sales price.

SB 176 (with Senator Mitchell) – Court protections for minors
Extends current court protections granted to minors who are victims of a crime to minors who are witnesses of a crime.  A young child who witnesses a crime can have many lasting scars and memories, having been traumatized much like the victim themselves.  We must recognize this and understand the great fear that can accompany a minor testifying as a witness.  These children deserve our full protection, compassion, and consideration.

This bill is not only the right thing to do for these children, it makes for good public policy in upholding the integrity of our court rooms and our judicial system.

SB 178 (with Senator Leno) – Electronic Communications Privacy Act
Safeguards Californians’ electronic information and support innovation and the digital economy by updating California privacy law to match the modern digital world.

California has long been a leader in protecting individual privacy. Unfortunately, the emergence of new technology has left California’s protections behind. This bill will provide needed protection against warrantless government access to mobile devices, sensitive emails, text messages, digital documents, metadata, and location information.

SB 237 (with Senator Leno) – Animal Control Officer training
Institutes standardized training for animal control officers.  This valuable instruction will help the officer protect the welfare of the animal and themselves, while at the same time professionally addressing the animal owner and situation. The bill brings animal control officers on par to similar training standards required of humane officers.

SB 262 (with Senator Galgiani) – Law Enforcement use of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles
The FAA has jurisdiction over specific policy requirements for the operation of both unmanned and manned aircraft.  The FAA recently issued proposed Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) regulations for public review.  It would be preemptive and confusing to propose legislation that could potentially conflict with the upcoming FAA regulations for the public use of unmanned aircraft systems.  Thus, this bill addresses broad privacy concerns and the responsible use of unmanned aircraft systems by law enforcement in respect to the privacy of our state’s citizens without creating policy that could conflict with future FAA regulations.

SB 340 – Financial data protection in Family Law
Protects Californians’ privacy by allowing courts to protect people from having to send highly confidential and personal financial information out when it is clear that the intended recipient is no longer at the last known address.

SB 514 – Consumer Privacy Protection
The Patient Protection & Affordable Care Act has directed states to provide marketplaces, or exchanges, for consumers seeking health insurance.  Covered California, the health benefit exchange in our state, has provided this platform for individuals shopping for a plan.  Unfortunately, due to a security loophole in the law, shoppers on the website have suffered a disclosure of their data to outside companies without having given their permission.  This bill is a bipartisan effort to close that loophole, so that consumers may shop free from fear of losing their privacy to unknown, outside entities.

SB 624 –Access to Government for All
Ensures that state web pages, software, documents, and mobile applications are compatible with assistive technologies.  This will enable all Californians to interact with government, especially those with disabilities.

SB 759 – Security Housing Unit Data Collection (with Senator Hancock)
Requires the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation, beginning July 1, 2016, to collect specific data regarding prisoners held in Security Housing Units (SHUs). It requires that the Inspector General, beginning January 1, 2018, and biennially thereafter, to use the data to prepare reports to the Legislature on specified criteria.

Good government starts with good information. Governor Brown is requesting over $10 billion for corrections in 2015-2016. Lawmakers can only make prudent budget decisions when they have the necessary information.  This is a modest step toward accountability and transparency that will give the Legislature the data it needs to exercise sound oversight over CDCR.

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Legislative honors bestowed on Senator Anderson:

  • California Small Business Association Legislator of the Year
  • American Veterans Legislator of the Year
  • American Legion Legislator of the Year
  • San Diego Deputy District Attorneys’ Association Legislator of the Year
  • San Diego County Apartment Association Legislator of the Year
  • California Association of Marriage and Family Therapists Legislator of the Year
  • Pacific Water Quality Association Legislator of the Year
  • Sportsmen’s and Animal Owners’ Voting Alliance Legislator of the Year
  • San Diego Psychiatric Society Legislator of the Year
  • California League of Off-Road Voters Legislator of the Year
  • and California Rifle and Pistol Association Legislator of the Year.

(partial list)

Anderson has received the following groups’ highest rating:

  • National Federation of Independent Business
  • Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association
  • California Chamber of Commerce
  • California Taxpayers Association.

(partial list)

Senator Anderson was recognized by the following groups for his legislative leadership:

  • San Diego Regional Chamber of Commerce
  • California Senior Legislature
  • Fallbrook Chamber of Commerce
  • Orange County Business Council Golden Acorn Award
  • Dog Owners of California
  • California Association of County Veterans Service Officers
  • Protector of Marriage Award
  • Capitol Resource Family Impact
  • Jewish Public Affairs Committee

(partial list)